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When Do We Allow Ourselves to Worry and When to Let Go?

The question of whether or not to let yourself feel safe is an interesting one. We’re worried to run into an ex at a party and we look over our shoulders for fear of being followed. It’s a decision we make, often without a thought, over and over through the day. We can change how we breathe to change how we feel if we’re paying attention, but the feedback loop runs whether we’re looking or not. If our biology can save us from a lion with adrenaline and a pumping heart, how does it save us from a year-long pandemic…

Why It’s So Hard to Start Your Dream

We’re the ones who seek wisdom and growth like it’s our last breath of air.

We’re the ones that dive headlong into podcasts with the promise of a new way of life, a new perspective, a new mindset. We struggle to decide if we want the hardcover in a week or the kindle version of a book right now. We follow inspirational people and videos online in fascination and an extremely specific kind of tension.

The kind of tension that a sprinter feels poised and ready to burst in the last few seconds before the pop of the starting pistol…

Emotional Well-Being

Why You Might Feel So Down All the Time — And How to Feel Better

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

We’ve all heard our friends and peers talk about how important it is to get our dark leafy greens and our organic fruits and our ground flaxseed and our chia seeds. Yes, these are important for our bodies, about a healthy diet for our emotions?

It’s startling to realize the extent our friends and family have over our emotional life and our energy moment to moment. Have you ever noticed when you have a frustrating morning, it so often turns into a frustrating day? …

Happiness Strategies

On the Importance of Deliberately Experiencing Our Lives

Photo by 30daysreplay (PR & Marketing) on Unsplash

You’ve just stepped outside into the radiance of the day, it’s warm; not the kind that is uncomfortable or oppressive, though you wouldn’t mind it even if it was. This is the warm hug of the sun felt by all things, each glowing with their own vibrance.

I know you’ve experienced this before, in rain or shine or snow or heartbreak. Because aren’t the darker days just as beautiful as the sunny ones? Don’t we savor music of tragedy just like we celebrate with music full of energy and the joy of life?

Andre from “My Dinner with Andre” once…

Should one feel excited about the work cut out before them? When the work seems like a means to an end, and not the result itself?

Yes, we choose the meaning behind all the things we do. If something will lead to exactly what you want in life, then you must define it as such.

One shouldn’t focus on the work, but the goal that the work will bring you closer towards. A ladder is a ladder — and no matter how far down or at what part of the ladder you’re on, the end of the ladder still has your goal on the other side.

I remember a time when I was very young, school years of being ever shy and ever fearful. There was this group of students in my high school, the students that made up all of the top 15 or so GPA’s in my grade, we called them “ the robots” less-than-affectionately. They were the popular kids, that’s how it worked in my highschool.

I had never felt a sense of belonging with them, even though I was in many of the same classes as they were. See, whenever they would talk to me or interact with me, I would freeze…

‘Fake it ‘Til You Make it’ might not be the best strategy after all

As I look upon my time and energy I’ve spent trying to increase my confidence and ease from day to day, especially in social situations, it’s become more and more clear that the “skills” of charisma are not the key to one’s ease and ability to connect with people. It’s a false flag operation, and I will tell you why.

I will not tell you that learning charisma tricks and strategies are a waste of time, or that they won’t help you. …

*Please note that this article does not specifically address situations of any kind of abuse, neglect, or violence. If you feel you are (or might be) in one of these situations, please call 1–800–799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this phrase in my lifetime, in media and from my friends in talking about the people who they had supposedly fell in love with and then so suddenly felt nothing but scorn towards. It’s always puzzled and frustrated me how many relationships today revolve around a model of emotional transaction. …

I’m so glad you’re here, I wanted to talk to you specifically, the person who just decided to try the next strategy on productivity, who just read that book about how to REALLY be happy, who woke up really early this morning for a run for the first time in a month because you’re sick of feeling lethargic all the time. You’re the person that has a fire inside them that never died out, even though it always feels like it’s 10 steps forward and 11 steps back.

I wanted to share my adoration and my love and my sense…

Luke Jackson

Designer. Musician. Writer.

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